Canadian Mint Coins That You Should Be Aware Of

To any coin collector, the coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint is a treasure. The Canadian mint produces coins that are meticulous, beautiful and have received the honour of recognition from the international bodies.

Truth be told, the Canadian Mint has produced some of the rarest coins on earth. That’s what makes it super fun for collectors to get their hands on Canadian mint coins.

Saying that Canadian coins are also one of the best investment grade collectables available across the world. If you are a collector, then don’t forget to check the following list of rare and valuable Canadian coins.

  1. 1911 Canadian Silver Coin

canadian mint coins

Among all the rare Canadian coins, the 1911 Canadian silver coin is considered the holy grail. For years, this small coin has held the title of the world’s most valuable coin.

The interesting fact is that only 3 examples of this coin were ever struck, one in bronze and two in silver. The bronze one and one of the silver examples are exhibited at the Canadian Currency Museum in Ottawa. That means there is only one silver example out in the market for the collectors.

This makes things more interesting. In 2003, this coin was sold at nearly 1 million dollars at an auction.

  1. 1936 DOT 1 Cent

canadian mint coins

These coins are some of the most well known collectable coins in the market. The story of the coin dates back to the time of King Edward VIII’s abdication and George VI’s ascent to the throne in 1936. This sudden change of ruler created a problem for the Royal Canadian Mint as they did not possess any dies with the effigy of the new king.

To solve this problem, the mint produced a small batch of 1936 coins with a tiny raised dot at the below date to indicate that the coins were struck in 1937.

The numismatists interested in Canadian mint coins say that only the denominations of 1 cent, 10 cents, and 25 cents pieces were struck using this raised dot. Among all of them, 1936 dotted 1 cent coins are the rarest as there are only 3 state examples. One of the examples was sold in an auction conducted in 2010 at a whopping amount of $400,000.

  1. 1936 DOT 10 Cents

canadian mint coins

Dot 10 cents coins of 1936 are also very rare. There are only 5 known state examples in the world. Among them, one of the examples was sold at a coin auction for over $184,000.

  1. 1969 Large Date 10 Cents

canadian mint coins

There are 16 known state examples of 1969 large date 10 cents are available in the market. It is one of the extremely rare coins. From time to time, the examples appear on different coin auctions and fetch between $10,000 to $25,000. The price range of the coins varies depending on its grade.

  1. 1916 C Gold Sovereign

canadian mint coins

The sovereign gold coins are British one pound gold coins that were struck at the Royal Canadian Mint between 1908-1919. Among them, the 1916 sovereign gold coins are the rarest and have less than 50 known state examples. Depending on the grade, these coins bring $15,000-$50,000 at any coin auctions.

So, these are some of the rarest Canadian mint coins that you can try to add to your collection. If you are a beginner in the world of coin collection, you should concentrate on preservation techniques of the coins first. Once you get a handle on that, start collecting the coins.